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If you’re like most Florida residents, then there’s probably some part of you that lives in fear of your air conditioner ever breaking, especially if it’s happened to you before. We at Johnson’s Mechanical Inc. sympathize with this worry, as we’ve lived with the constant heat and humidity and know how unpleasant it is. One thing that can help make sure your home stays comfortable while also alleviating your worries is to use a preventative maintenance program for your AC system.

replacing the air filter

A preventative maintenance program is a series of ongoing check-ups and adjustments on your cooling system. When you participate in this kind of program, a professional technician will come by your house periodically to inspect your system and its components to ensure that all is well. If our experienced team members notice anything amiss, we will take the necessary steps to correct the problem before it can grow into a more severe and expensive one.

Preventative maintenance programs can be tailored to suit your needs. Typical services include checking the thermostat, replacing the air filter, inspecting the wiring, and cleaning the compressor and other components. Not only do these periodic checks and fixes allow our team members to spot potential problems early on, but they will also ensure that your system functions at optimum condition all year round. Waiting too long between inspections and maintenance sessions gives your system time to wear down and lose efficiency, while the regular screenings of our preventative maintenance programs will ensure that your AC is always at peak operating condition.

If you want to prevent your AC from breaking ever again, give us a call at Johnson’s Mechanical Inc. to learn more about our preventative maintenance programs.