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Air ConditioningWhen it comes to getting your air conditioning system repaired, some signs that your system could use some work are fairly obvious, while others are more subtle. If you are on the fence about having someone from our team at Johnson’s Mechanical Inc. come and take a look at your air conditioning unit, here are some ways to tell that your system needs to be repaired:

  • Poor air flow—If little or weak air flow is coming through your AC vents, there could be a problem with your air conditioning system’s compressor. Or, if some rooms in your home are getting cool air while others are not, something might have gone wrong with your duct work. Either way, poor air flow is a good indicator that your system needs to be looked at.
  • No cool air—Is the air coming from your vents warm or not as cold as it used to be? Lack of cool air could indicate a compressor problem or that the Freon levels in your AC unit are too low.
  • Strange sounds—If grinding, grating, or squealing sounds come from your AC unit whenever it turns on, your unit is definitely in need of repair. Keep in mind that if you ignore these sounds, you could be in for a pricey breakdown later on.
  • Thermostat problems—Your thermostat acts as the control center for your AC unit. One way to tell if there’s something wrong with your thermostat is if one part of your house is cold, but another remains at a constant temperature.