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Many Floridians will tell you that the hottest they’ve ever been is outdoors in the summer. Many will follow this up with the observation that the coldest they’ve ever been is indoors in the summer. To give their patrons a refuge from the sweltering heat, many Florida businesses are known to blast their air conditioners, cooling the interior so much that condensation forms on the windows. At Johnson’s Mechanical Inc., we know first-hand that a functional AC unit is essential for any Florida business, especially during the long summer months. We also know that no business owner wants to deal with a broken AC unit, so to help you get ahead of the problem, our team has put together this list of signs that your business may need commercial AC repair.

properly functioning AC unit

  • Your AC is blowing hot air. One sign that you need commercial AC repair is your unit blowing hot air, which may indicate a damaged compressor or a refrigerant leak. Both of these issues are fixable and may cost less than you expect, but you will need to address the problem before you can safely use your AC again.
  • Your AC makes strange sounds. No AC unit is completely silent, but there’s a difference between your unit’s ordinary hum and harsher sounds like grating, grinding, or shrieking. If you hear any sounds that fit this description emanating from your AC, call our team at Johnson’s Mechanical Inc. as soon as possible for a professional inspection.
  • Your AC has moisture around it. A properly functioning AC unit should channel condensation away from itself, so if you notice any leaks or lingering moisture, it could indicate that you need commercial AC repair. In minor cases, you simply need to take steps to avoid mold growth, but in more severe cases, excess moisture could indicate a refrigerant leak. If you notice extra moisture around your AC, it’s a good idea to consult our team at Johnson’s Mechanical Inc. for a professional opinion.