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HeatingWhen the temperature outside drops, you turn on your home’s heating system to stay comfortable. Unfortunately, this comfort comes with a price, and often, it’s more than you’d like to pay. If you’re tired of paying an exorbitant amount to heat your home, these tips for reducing your heating utility bills might help.

  • Turn Down the Heat- Even though this might not sound like fun, try lowering your thermostat by a few degrees. For every degree you lower your heating system in the 60 to 70-degree range, you can save up to five percent on your utility bills. When you are away from home, set the thermostat even a few degrees lower so you aren’t paying to heat an empty house.
  • Replace Your Filters- When your air filters become clogged with dust and debris, they restrict airflow throughout your home. To keep your system running as efficiently as possible, make sure you replace and clean these filters as recommended.
  • Seal Up Leaks- To keep hot air from escaping from your home, caulk any leaks that exist around your windows and doors. It’s also a good idea to check for small leaks around vents or electrical conduits, pipes, and vents that go through a wall.
  • Maintain Your Heating System- When it comes to saving money to heat your home, preventative maintenance can make a big difference. At Johnson’s Mechanical Inc., we are proud to offer preventative maintenance programs that can help you keep your heating system running as efficiently as possible throughout the year.