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We can help you with all kinds of air conditioning needs!

Air Conditioning in Polk County, FloridaSuffering your way through the summer without properly functioning air conditioning is no way to live when you live in a place like Polk County, Florida. While we love our warmer temperatures in the winter time, once those summer highs hit, you need to call someone to repair your air conditioning quickly if something goes wrong. Here at Johnson’s Mechanical Inc., we are a locally owned and operated company that can take care of your air conditioning needs, including:

  • Air Conditioning Repair- When you have a broken air conditioning system, things can start to go south quickly, especially when the temperatures are high outside and you have elderly people or young children inside who aren’t able to regulate their body temperatures very well. We can even assist you with your air conditioning repair needs on an emergency basis when needed.
  • Air Conditioning Installation- If your air conditioning system is malfunctioning, costing you too much in repairs, or plain not working anymore, we can successfully install a new air conditioning system that will meet your needs. With our three plus decades of experience, we can get your air conditioning installation completed quickly and with quality workmanship.
  • Cooled Water Systems- Cooled water systems are just another form of air conditioning that you can use here in Florida that uses cooled water in a series of pipes to cool instead of forcing cooled air through a ventilation system. We are well-versed in this alternative air conditioning system and can help you determine if it would be a good fit for your home.

If you need assistance with your air conditioning repairs or installation, there’s no one better than our team at Johnson’s Mechanical Inc.

At Johnson’s Mechanical Inc., we offer air conditioning services for customers in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Plant City, Mulberry, Zephyrhills, Bartow, Polk City, and throughout Polk County, Florida.


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